Clear the Way With Efficient Grit Removal Technology

Clear the Way With Efficient Grit Removal Technology

The PISTA INVORSOR grit removal system from Smith & Loveless.

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In the wastewater treatment process, effective grit handling, removal and hauling are essential to ensure the longevity of equipment and the efficiency of the treatment. As the industry evolves, so does the technology used for these processes, aiming for more precision, adaptability and cost-effectiveness. Modern grit removal systems are becoming increasingly compact, versatile and performance-driven, catering to plants of all sizes and capacities. Here's a closer look at some of the standout technologies making waves in grit management.

Smith & Loveless PISTA INVORSOR
Inspired by extensive expert CFD modeling and developed rigorously in actual field conditions, the PISTA INVORSOR grit removal system from Smith & Loveless combines the power of proven particle capture methods: enhanced settling by inclined plates meeting a defined surface overflow rate with the established hydraulic forced vortex to achieve ultra-fine grit removal efficiency down to 75-micron particle size across all flows with no derating. It helps deliver lower capital and operational costs, larger capacity in individual units, greater design flexibility for inlet-outlet design options, and a higher surface area-to volume ratio to generate consistent fine grit capture during low flow, daily flow and peak flow conditions — up to 50 mgd in single units. 800-898-9122;

Envirodyne Systems OctoCell
The OctoCell grit removal system from Envirodyne Systems utilizes stacked trays to achieve a small footprint. Unique to their design is the ability to provide either the conventional vertical chute entry, or a horizontal inlet trough and tentacle arrangement above the trays. With the latter configuration, trays are engaged/disengaged based on actual flow. Other features include the visual detection of any plugging, and a means of active or passive control of flow to each individual tray for enhanced control of velocities and reduced organics accumulation. 717-763-0500;

Hydro International Compact Grit Removal
Hydro International’s line of Compact Grit Removal is designed to meet the flows, treatment needs, and budgets of smaller wastewater treatment plants. Engineered for low maintenance and high performance in a small footprint, the flexible layout options make it the ideal fit for even the smallest plants. Configured to seamlessly fit within existing infrastructure and without the need for a long approach channel, our line is easy to install and minimizes construction costs. With Grit King Compact and SpiraSnail Compact (or Decanter) dewatering, small plants can realize the benefits the proven protection advanced grit management provides. The systems are built for the specific needs of smaller treatment plants. As a result, high performance grit removal is available to smaller plants at a price point and size that is within reach. 866-615-8130;

Trillium Flow Technologies WEMCO Hydrogritter 
The WEMCO Hydrogritter from Trillium Flow Technologies is a grit cyclone and classifier with an operational life of over 25 years at low operating and maintenance costs. The system removes and dewaters grit from primary sludge or influent and can process from 220 to 1,570 gpm per cyclone at a pressure of 5 to 20 psi, which allows for a grit withdraw rate of 3/4 to 8 1/2 tons per hour at a 1% grit concentration. Typical configurations have one to four cyclones per classifier, allowing for maximum flexibility to meet grit removal needs, removing remove fine (+150 mesh) grit. 559-442-4000;


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