Florida County Treats Disinfection Byproducts With Ion Exchange Treatment

A case study shows how an ion exchange treatment system was used to address TOC and help a Florida treatment plant meet regulations

Florida County Treats Disinfection Byproducts With Ion Exchange Treatment
Water treatment plant restored using repair mortar

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Problem: The construction of a new well prompted Seminole County to address hydrogen sulfide regulations by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Struggling with disinfection byproducts from TOC and bromide in the water, the county began a pilot study using ozone oxidation to address the hydrogen sulfide and reduce disinfection byproducts. The county partnered with Tonka Water, a Kurita America Brand, to develop an anion exchange system to treat groundwater.

Solution: The county chose an Organix ion exchange treatment system to address TOC. The  process consists of six 12-foot-diameter ion exchange vessels containing anion exchange resin and support gravel. Water is pumped directly from the wells through the ion exchange system to storage and the distribution system. The fully optimized system closely matches resin capacity with control of brining and regeneration of the media. This enables reduction of brine waste and backwash water.

Result: The plant is meeting expectations since its commissioning. 866-663-7633;  www.kuritaamerica.com


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