Ensure Effective Disinfection With These Technologies

Ensure Effective Disinfection With These Technologies

Aquaray S horizontal UV disinfection equipment from Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions.

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Ensuring the safety and effectiveness of water treatment processes is critical, and that's where modern disinfection equipment plays a vital role. From cutting-edge UV disinfection systems to emergency shutoff actuators for chlorine containers, these technologies aim to enhance the reliability and performance of water treatment operations.

Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions Aquaray S
Aquaray S horizontal UV disinfection equipment from Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions incorporates the latest electronic ballast and communication technology with powerful long-lasting low-pressure high-output UV lamps. The power supplies for the lamps are located inside a sealed aluminum extrusion directly on top of the module. This power bar also handles all the lamp controls and data exchange with the power distribution and data center. The self-supporting modular units are placed into a flowing channel (concrete or stainless steel) in multiple combinations to provide the required level of disinfection. Quartz sleeves protect the lamps, and as with any UV system can gradually accumulate a coating operating in challenging water quality. The system offers a fully automatic, in-channel cleaning system to remove this fouling. 866-439-2837; www.watertechnologies.com

Halogen Valve Systems Terminator Actuator
The Terminator Actuator from Halogen Valve Systems can be used on chlorine ton containers as well 150-pound cylinders to instantly stop the flow of chlorine in case of an emergency. The clamp mount version incorporates the same mounting clamp design as the Eclipse Actuator, allowing it to quickly and securely be installed on ton container valves without the use of any tools. It can be used on containers feeding through a pressure manifold or can be installed side by side with tank-mounted vacuum regulators. The Gemini controller provides DC power and control to one or two Terminators and can be combined for systems with larger quantities of containers. Emergency chlorine shutoff is initiated when the controller receives a close contact signal from a leak detector or included emergency shutoff switch and a relay output provides remote indication that an emergency close sequence has been performed. 949-261-5030; www.halogenvalve.com


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