Make Unloading Easy With These Three Septage Receiving Stations

Make Unloading Easy With These Three Septage Receiving Stations

The Honey Monster septage receiving station and FOG receiving system from JWC Environmental.

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Septage receiving stations serve as the initial point where septage, grease and other waste materials are received from haulers at a wastewater treatment facility. With advancements in technology, modern septage receiving stations are not only speeding up the offloading process but also enhancing the screening and separation of solid waste. Automated features, quick unloading capabilities and robust screening technologies are making these systems indispensable for effective wastewater management.

JWC Environmental Honey Monster 
The Honey Monster septage receiving station and FOG receiving system from JWC Environmental is designed to ease the management of septage waste for the wastewater plant operator and the hauler. It quickly screens and processes septage, grease, FOG and sludge from vacuum trucks. The automated septage acceptance plant provides for cleaner handling of septage truck waste by reducing and separating unwanted solids such as rocks, rags, clothing, plastics and other trash, according to the maker. The combination of grinding, solids removal, washing and dewatering allows a typical septage truck to unload in 5 to 15 minutes. It is completely enclosed to ensure safety, vector control and containment of foul odors. The optional MonsterTrack metering and control system uses a flowmeter to track septage and provide accurate billing data for the facility and a receipt for the hauler. 800-331-2277;

Lakeside Equipment Raptor Septage Acceptance Plant
The fully automated Raptor Septage Acceptance Plant from Lakeside Equipment is designed to remove debris and inorganic solids from septage tanks, grease traps, sludge, leachate and industrial waste. It includes the Raptor Fine Screen, which compacts and dewaters the captured screenings to a solids content of 40%. The screen’s rotating rake teeth penetrate the cylindrical screen bars, which prevents plugging and binding from grease and small debris. This allows for faster unloading times. The Raptor Acceptance Control System is a security access station that can be integrated to allow authorized haulers to unload their waste at the facility. Adding the data management and accounting system with the RACS station provides capabilities to track and invoice customers. 630-837-5640;

ScreencO Systems Trash Master 600 Auto Screen 
The Trash Master 600 Auto Screen from ScreencO Systems uses gravity to separate the trash from the flow stream through a 6-inch inlet with dual fan spreaders. It is capable of power-offloading vacuum trucks with a single 6-inch offload or 2- to 4-inch offloads at the same time at a rate of up to 800 gpm. It comes with an aluminum hopper (stainless steel is optional), with an 8-inch outlet cam and 3/8-inch gapped 1/4-inch stainless steel bar screen. The stainless steel U-channel with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plastic-lined titanium provides for years of wear, with a high strength alloy steel 11 1/2-inch shaftless screw that moves trash to a waste container. The U-channel has slotted drain holes and a center channel bar screen for cleaner and dryer trash. A custom-built stainless steel bar rake and cleaning brush are included for easy maintenance. 208-790-8770;


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